Fear or Faith

These past few weeks have been a challenge. Do you ever have times when you question what you are supposed to be doing at a certain time in life? Welcome to where I’ve been lately. I go from faith to fear and then back again. Questioning everything I am doing and wondering what it is that I need to actually be doing. Am I supposed to get an outside job, keep working on building my business or is there another path that I haven’t even considered yet? So over the past couple of weeks, I worked on putting together our website hoping that it is a step in the right direction. Little by little I am slowly figuring out what I want to do and what I should be doing. Apparently, I am not qualified for most of the positions that I apply for or I get these odd emails from supposed “employers” that have read my resume and want to do an “online” interview. It wouldn’t be so bad or myself so skeptical except for the fact that they are all almost identical in wording. So no, I am not responding to them because all I see are problems and scams.

The direction that I seem to be getting directed to is with my small business. It comes down to getting my products out there and creating new things. Locally we are adding baked goods to our offerings, but unfortunately, without a commercial kitchen, the laws here don’t allow me to ship any of our baked goods. Getting some more training in baking & pastry, plus working on improving sewing techniques seems to be what I feel is the right thing to pursue. It comes down to faith versus fear! Do I have the faith to follow my dreams and what I am feeling is the right direction to go, or do I let fear hold me back from accomplishing the goals that I want to?
How about you, are you trying to make some decisions about things and is fear holding you back? There is not room for both faith and fear. Each of us has to choose one or the other in order to move forward in our lives. Quite frankly I think that practicing faith is a much better way to go than being fearful all of the time. Practicing faith has lead me many places and helped me to learn many things along the way. When I have let fear rule what is going on my growth is stunted and basically nothing happens in my life that is good. So let us all take a leap of faith and tell fear to get behind us. Doing that will help each of us move forward with our lives in a positive way and we will be able to accomplish more that we ever imagined. Have a great Thursday!

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