Tip Tuesday – Pattern Storage

patterns-and-storageToday’s sewing tip is on pattern storage. Here are some great tips from The Sewing Loft.

Pattern Storage
Pattern Storage, these are two little words that should roll off my tongue with ease.  I mean, let’s face it, as stitcher with a pile of patterns hidden in her stash, I should have this down pat.  But to be fair, personal pattern storage has always been a challenge for me.
Once I unfold those commercial tissue paper patterns, I can never (no matter how hard I tried) get them back into that small envelope.  That’s right, I would fold them, refold them and try to stuff them into the original envelope and it would almost always end with in a ripped mess.
Over the years I have used several different methods and since these days patterns are made in different forms, I thought it would be fun to explore a few options.
Clockwise from the top left hand corner:
* Hang patterns industry style on metal hooks.
* This file folder idea from Love it Sew Much.
* Love this dish rack remix from Crafty Gemini.
* Love this container project from Simple Simon & Co.
* Sew Couture Transformed their empty paper boxes into storage.
* Check out this antique file cabinet on Sew Retro.
* Simple hanging file box by Stardust Shoes. (perfect for small spaces)
* Magazine holders can double as separators from My Creative Life .
* Personally, I store my patterns in clear plastic poly envelopes.  They have a snap closure and fit perfectly in my drawers.  The bonus for me is that I do not have to worry about folding everything super neat and small.  Instead, I can loosely fold them to fit, label the outside and know that they are safe and sound.  Sometimes, I even put a picture of the finished garment on the outside and a swatch for a quick reference.  The envelopes are super inexpensive (around $1.00 each), come in an array of colors and can be found at any office supply store or big box chain store.tsl-pattern-storage-idea-collage
* Me personally, I have two, four drawer filing cabinets that I use to keep my patterns in.
Whenever possible, I keep all versions of a style together.  For instance, I made this knit skirt in a several lengths and a variety of waistbands.  By keeping them together in one envelope, I can change up my design on the fly while shopping.  This eliminates the guess work.
Since I know that you have a secret pile of patterns in your stash, I would love to hear how you handle your pattern storage!

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