Thoughtful Thursday – Gods Plan

closed-doorsHave you ever sat and wondered what is going on in your life, why your prayers aren’t being answered or why this sudden transition has taken place that has nothing to do with what you originally had planned?  Trust me, that is where I have been for the last year after I got sick. My entire world got turned upside down and now I find myself 1500 miles away from part of my family and still kind of wondering what happened and asking myself that age old question, “now what?” After some time and thinking about it I’ve come to the conclusion that apparently God wants me to be where I am and he has plans for me here. I’m still not quite sure what they are yet, but things are becoming more clear as time goes by. The most important thing that I have discovered is that I need to ask and then I need to listen to the directions that I am given, and then follow them. Sometimes it is not easy, we all know that from experience. However, it is definitely worth it when we do listen and follow those instructions. There is a quote that I will be sharing with you today that echoes what I am talking about. How many times have you prayed and prayed for something and the door remained stubbornly shut tight? There is a reason for that. The majority of us will stay in our comfort zone indefinitely if allowed to, it’s human nature. In order for us to grow and become what God wants us to become or to move forward with our lives, sometimes a door has to be closed to make us move out of our comfort zone. I’m sure many of you have heard the quote, “When God closes a door He opens a window?” Think about it for a minute! A door is easy to go through, back and forth, but how easy is it to climb through a window? You have no idea what size or shape it is, how high or low it is, open, shut or anything about it. Guess what, you have just been challenged to step out of your comfort zone. Sometimes the no or closed door is for our own good or protection. We can’t see what lies ahead in our lives, but our loving Heavenly Father knows and wants what is best for us. He also knows that unless challenged, we will not become our best selves. How about you, do you want to be your best self? I do, especially after spending so many years unable to become my best self. Trust God, or whatever you call your Higher Power to watch over you and to help you know what is best for you as you go through life. Enjoy the thought that will be with today’s thoughts.


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