Tip Tuesday – Take a Break

BBtuX9h[1]Good Sewing Tip Tuesday to each of you. Hopefully you have all had a good week and been busy with your sewing projects. Ours has been a bit stressful this week as we have been working on our newest design. So our sewing tip this week is short and sweet, and we may have shared it before at an earlier time. When working on a new project, pattern or whatever, if you find yourself getting overly stressed, take a break, walk away, go do something else for 15 minutes, 30 minutes or an hour if you need to. The longer you sit there getting frustrated, the worse it’s going to get. Taking a break will allow you to calm down and maybe even give you a new perspective on what went wrong, or how you can do it differently. Go watch TV, listen to music, play a game on your phone, or whatever it takes to get your mind off of the problem. Chocolate is always a good way to calm down when you are frustrated. Just be sure you walk away and don’t come back until you are settled and n the right frame of mind to start working again. If you need to, try a different part of the project or a different project for a little bit. Just don’t let yourself get to the point that you want to throw your sewing machine out the window. So keep calm and carry on!


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