Monday Spotlight – Baby Quilt

Hello everyone! Welcome to another Monday and a Halloween Monday at that. We imagine many of you are getting your little goblins ready for trick-or-treat tonight. We are getting ours ready here at our house, or at least my daughter is doing that. My job is to hand out the candy these days. As you will see in tomorrow’s sewing tip it has been a bit of a frustrating week trying to finish our newest project. I’m not sure who is more frustrated, me or the bear. With a lot of luck and work it will be, hopefully, completed this week. We are expanding our “Huggy Bear” line to include “Sports Bears” which is why it has been such a challenge, but it will be well worth the wait. So this week we are going to reshow two of our baby quilts. They both happen to be girl quilts, but not to worry we have and can make more boy quilts as well. As always you have your choice of having them tied with “tickle ties” or with the international tie which leaves to yarn above the blanket.the price is the same either way. our quilts are not bound unless you ask for them to be which is extra. They are 100% cotton flannel with a polyester batting. We can make them with a cotton batting if you prefer, but just note that it doesn’t stand up as well to a lot of washing. None of our fabrics are treated with flame retardant. As always please send us an email to for prices and further contact information.

20160329_1357011          20160329_1355411


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