Physical Therapy Month

physical-therapy-icon.pngIn addition to the other topics we have discussed, October is also PHYSICAL THERAPY MONTH.  The National Association of Physical Therapists have a national campaign going on throughout October some of which we would like to share with you:

Avoid Addictive Opioids. Choose Physical Therapy for Safe Pain Management. #ChoosePT

No one wants to live in pain. But no one should put their health at risk in an effort to be pain free.

Since 1999, Americans have increasingly been prescribed opioids—painkillers like Vicodin, OxyContin, Opana, and methodone, and combination drugs like Percocet.

In some situations, dosed appropriately, prescription opioids are an appropriate part of medical treatment. However, opioid risks include depression, overdose, and addiction, plus withdrawal symptoms when stopping use. And people addicted to prescription opioids are 40 times more likely to become addicted to heroin.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is urging health care providers to reduce the use of opioids in favor of safe alternatives like physical therapy.

Don’t just mask the pain. Treat it.

Choose physical therapy to manage your pain without the risks and side effects of opioids.

Did You Know …

CDC Recommends Safe Alternatives Like Physical Therapy Over Opioids

60% of Adults Prescribed Opioids Have Leftover Pills

Opioids Largely Ineffective for Low Back Pain

Nearly 1 in 3 on Medicare Received Prescription for Opioids in 2015

Using Opioids Could Lead to Depression

Physical Therapy First for Low Back Pain Lowers Costs

Physical Therapy First for Knee Osteoarthritis and Meniscal Tears is Effective

One thought on “Physical Therapy Month

  1. Yes, I want to see the Physical Therapy for my nerve pain. Attitudes like this are why I have a harder time each year getting doctors to help me manage my chronic pain issues. I have never had an over dose. I have never had “lost” prescriptions or had to go in early for a refill. I am on a tight and monitored schedule for my pain relief that lets me function and doesn’t put my life at risk. What does put my life at risk are paranoid and misguided campaigns like this. Yes, opioids can be dangerous. Not helping people in pain is both dangerous and cruel.


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