Tip Tuesday – Tailor Tacks

We have talked about Tailor Tacks before, but today we are going to give you an alternative way to do them that can help you not lose them in the process of working with your fabric:

Easy Tailor’s Tacks:

I use an alternative version of tailor’s tacks that holds the threads in place more securely than traditional methods. After cutting each pattern piece, use contrasting, unknotted, doubled thread in your hand needle and take a stitch through the pattern tissue and both layers of fabric. From the wrong side, come back through the fabric and pattern and cut long thread tails. Next, lift the pattern off the fabric, letting the tails slip through. Then turn the fabric over. With a different color thread, take a second stitch over each of the first in the same fashion from the wrong side, again leaving long tails. Pull the two fabric layers apart, and one set stays stitched to the top fabric layer, and the other set stays stitched to the bottom layer. The threads mark clear positions for sewing that you can see from both sides.

Our thanks to Threads Magazine for the information shared.



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