Thoughtful Thursday – Choose your Mood

How are you on this Thoughtful Thursday? Have you let other people decide what your mood will be each day this week? It’s amazing how each of us blames our bad mood or whatever is bothering us on someone else. It is always someone else’s fault that we yelled, or cursed or whatever we did that was out of line. Around our house it is always, “well so and so made me mad or made me do it” or “it’s so and so’s fault.” Sound familiar? All of us at one time or another let another person dictate how we will react to a certain situation. We see it all of the time in our homes, schools, churches and sadly the news. If we don’t live in a certain area, or dress a certain way we can find ourselves on the outside of the inner circle. I know, I’ve been there. What has happened to us as a people, to our ability to be kind and gracious? Have we forgotten how to have manners or how to treat other people? We seem to be so caught up in the race to have the best of whatever, that we forget about each other, forget to love, to forgive and to impart to those less fortunate. It’s always someday, or not my responsibility, or you have to be kidding…you expect me to dirty my clothes. let someone else do it. This week I saw a beautiful lesson in action, a woman was going around our neighborhood. She had just moved here and could not start her job for another week. She and her daughters have a house and everything, but they didn’t have money for food. So she was going door to door asking if she could mow lawns to earn money for food. She had her own lawn mower & gas to do the work. Yes, she mowed our lawn and was also given a plate of food to take with her. Rather than just stand on a street corner begging, she took the initiative to find work to feed her family until she can start her job.


So are you letting the news make you angry? Why, because you don’t like what you are hearing? So do something to help change what’s happening in your community. Is there a lot of arguing and fighting going on in your house between the kids and it’s always someone else’s fault? What can you do to change it or change the atmosphere in your home? It is amazing what we can do to change things if we will take the initiative. You may think that one person cannot do much, but one person becomes two, then two becomes four and before long, it becomes the community. To think it all started with one person with an idea to make a change. Don’t allow anyone to dictate your mood or how you are going to feel, or even what you are going to do or become. There is only one of you, continue to be uniquely you. Don’t be afraid to step out and do things different than everyone else, be a leader, not a follower. Keep your perspective higher up and your language clean. There will be guidance from up above. Please enjoy the story that is included today.



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