Tip Tuesday – Straight Pins

480-pcs-1-5-colorful-round-pearl-straight-head-pins-dressmaking-sewing-pin-craft-tool-aa7504-jpg_220x220It’s time to share another sewing tip with you. We hope that the chart we shared last week was helpful. As we have been keeping things short lately we are going to talk about pins this week. Namely straight pins, the ones you use when sewing. Believe it or not there are actually different types of straight pins. Some are steel, some are made for specific fabrics (like silk) and some are actually made of tin and will rust. If you are buying your straight pins or even your safety pins at the dollar store you are getting tin, along with dull tips and probably something that will snag your fabric. Be cautious of the cheaper ones even at the fabric store. My sewing table has three different boxes of pins. Two sets are longer, one is for silk fabrics and the short ones are for use with my serger. All of them have colored heads. The colored heads are easier to find when I drop them, as well as easier to use. Be aware that over time your pins will get dull and may also develop a tendency to snag. When they do, throw them out. At some point you will probably need to buy new pins, but don’t worry it takes time and a lot of use for that to happen and you have to be hitting something hard a lot as well. Take good care of your pins and needles and they will take good care of you and your fabrics.


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