Thoughtful Thursday – Back in Time

rewindDo you ever have the urge to just go back to one day or one moment in time? There are times that I do. They are always happy or funny moments. Like the Christmas we played a joke on my younger brother by putting fake dog doodoo on his Christmas stocking and telling him that the dog had knocked it down and pooped on it. He was half way to the bathroom with it before he realized it wasn’t real. We laughed and laughed, today we still laugh about it. Sometimes I would love to go back to the day my sister was born. My mom called me from the delivery room to tell me that after 11 years I finally had a sister. She was crying in the background and I could hear her. She turned into quite a pill, but that is a different story. Another time would be the day each of my children were born. Those were special days for me as they each came into the world. There have been challenges for each of them, but still they are mine and I love them. Of my 9 grandchildren I have been in the delivery room with two of my grandchildren and just outside with another one. What a special thing to watch them come into this world. Yes, I would visit those days again as well, and the others that I missed. What days or moments would you go back and visit? Not to stay, but just a quick visit to relive that memory you have. That’s what our memories are, moments in time that we have stored in our hearts. Take the time to visit the sweet ones from time to time. You would be surprised at how much it can lift your spirits. While you are doing that, don’t forget to visit with your Father in Heaven. He would love to hear about those memories too. Have a great Thursday.


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