Thoughtful Thursday – Fall

firefliesIt’s another Thoughtful Thursday. How are you personally preparing for fall? It is still hot where I am here in Texas. A few leaves have fallen, but it’s definitely not what I am used to at this time of year. One of the things that I do enjoy though is to go out at twilight and watch the fireflies starting to spark. It just fascinates me to sit and watch them in the yard and the field behind us. There have even been times when they have flown and sparked right next to me. It’s like watching the yard glitter just for me. Normally it’s just me, or sometimes my dogs are out with me. It’s a quiet, sacred time for me to enjoy. Do you notice new things when you drive the same route each day? I’m amazed at the new things I see when  take the time to look, or to look through different eyes. Today as  sat in church I wore different ears and eyes as I was there. It made such a difference to what I felt and experienced that I was moved to tears as I contemplated different things. By the time I went in to teach my lesson I was very much in tune with the Spirit and the lesson went well and I could feel the influence that I so needed because I was trying to combine two lessons into one. So yes, sitting and watching fireflies, or the sunset/sunrise, listening to a speaker in church or any other number of things can become a spiritual experience, besides being an earthly experience. Are you sharing these experiences with your family, writing them in a journal or putting them somewhere? Each of us should be so that our posterity, whether it is our own children or nieces and nephews, will know us and what we feel and experience during this earthly journey each of is taking. What are you doing to enjoy fall, how did you celebrate it as a child with your family, memories, etc.? Telling the stories is fun, but be sure and write them down or save them to a disc for the future. Enjoy your Thursday.


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