Tip Tuesday – Fabric Care

beautiful-tuesdayHere it is already, another Sewing Tip Tuesday. Today we are going to talk about fabric care. Taking care of your clothes and fabric properly is very important so that they will last longer. One of the most important things is to wash like colors and fabrics together. Always read the care labels before you buy fabric or clothing. There have been many times that the decision to buy something has been changed by the care label. The minute the label says “Dry Clean Only,” it goes back on the rack. This is especially true being a parent and grandparent. If it’s not washable in a machine, it’s not worth buying. Do you need to hang dry it, or lay it flat to dry it? These are things you need to know. When I was younger I bought a really cute outfit but didn’t read the care label. The blouse came out fine, but the skirt shrank. It was made with rayon and wasn’t supposed to be dried in the dryer. Lesson learned, always read the care label. Fabric bolts have the care instructions on the end of the bolt with the other information. Why is it so important to wash like colors together? It depends on if you like dingy whites or maybe pink whites, off color lights and dark’s that fade to soon. Taking care of your fabrics and clothes saves you time and money.


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