Thoughtful Thursday – Family Medical History

20130902_162514Welcome to another “Thoughtful Thursday.” We’ve talked about families and memories lately, along with our heritage. These things are obviously important to us and to me. Another thing that you need to do is to make sure that your family is aware of the family medical history. This is something that is also part of your heritage. What runs in your family? Diabetes, heart problems, cancer, or other issues? Write them down and make sure your family knows what they are. Different issues can be passed from generation to generation, including genetic dispositions for certain diseases. A couple of examples are as follows: My dad had leukemia and a couple of his brothers had other types off cancer which they died from as well. Aside from my dad, I have no idea what type of cancer my uncles passed away from or if it is something that can be passed down through genetics through the generations. Another example is heart issues in our family. We have issues with electrical problems of the heart. Things like A-fib and bundle branch blocks. I had no idea that these were genetic and could be passed down to my children, but apparently they can and I almost lost my oldest son due to one of these issues. Be aware of what your family has pre-dispositions for, is it early on-set heart attacks in males, breast cancer in women, learning disabilities in children, pregnancy issues, weight issues or any myriad of things that can be passed down. They can even skip a generation or two, so make sure that your family medical history is well documented for all of the generations to come after you. They need to know as well for their health and well being, and the well being of their children. This is where family histories become important. Part of that history should include the medical history for each person that is writing. Include any information that will be helpful to succeeding generations. They don’t need your entire medical history, just the things that are important to know, condensed into a nutshell not an encyclopedia.


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