Thoughtful Thursday – Sharing Memories

img_4203Over the past couple of weeks I have had a lot of time on my hands due to being quite ill. This has given me time to sit back and reflect on a lot of different things. Probably the most important thing has been my life and my children. I was riding with my daughter Saturday morning and we were taking a side street and there was a sign that said “Dip.” I had already warned about the dip because it is quite deep. However it reminded me of a memory from when they were smaller that always made us laugh and I mentioned it. She and I once again laughed over that memory. It is amazing how many emotions a memory can bring back. It is so much fun to share the good ones. However, I have to be careful in sharing some of those memories so that others around me don’t get teased. I have come to realize as I have celebrated my birthday yet again, and after being so ill, that I need to be writing these special memories down so that my grandchildren and great-grandchildren will know about them. These memories are part of our heritage that we pass down to the succeeding generations, whether it is our own posterity or to our nieces and nephews. It makes no difference at all. They need to know who we are and from where we came. Share your memories with them. Tell them of the funny things that happened, of the times that you cried and why. Let them know about you, learn about you and the family that they come from. Give them a foundation, a history of who they are so that they will know that they are not the only ones that may struggle with self-esteem, or who have something funny happen. It’s all a part of being a family, the things that bind us together through the eternities.


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