Guest Blog Post – First Ever!

Welcome to our first ever guest blog post and a little behind the scenes peek at the C&S Blog. Cindy is the person who is writing to you wonderful folks every week. She is also the person who sews all the fun stuff you see on Monday Spotlights. She writes up her posts and mails them to her son (me) who then formats and posts the content here on the blog. This keeps things simple so Cindy can concentrate on making fun stuff and her son can get it out into the wild internet.

Recently Cindy hit a health snag and will be resting and recovering for the next few days, so you get a guest blogger (or two if anyone else jumps in). Hopefully I will keep you entertained while Cindy gets back to tip top shape and can resume delighting everyone with her creations. Chime in if there is anything you want to hear about when Cindy takes charge again.

Since I don’t have Cindy’s new product for the week, we can talk about her products on Etsy. Blankets, ties and baby cloths are waiting for you to check out. Since I run the back-end of the Etsy shop, let me know if you have any questions. Shop here.

I will keep this blog post short and we will talk again tomorrow. Until then keep Cindy in your thoughts and prayers.


(Guest Blogger)

ZZZ Churchill


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