Self Care

Turn Back OdometerOur Saturday forum is a day to talk about a lot of different things. Today we are going to talk about the things we do to try and turn back our personal odometers. I know people that have everything done from Botox to extensive plastic surgery to try and hang on to their youth. Me, I color my hair on occasion to cover what little grey I have and use moisturizer and that’s about it. You notice I said occasionally. That means maybe once a year or so. I try to eat right and have lost some weight, but don’t look like a super model either. In fact if you asked, I’m just comfortable being me with all my short comings and faults. Can you say that? So many of us have lost sight of who we really are today. We are told constantly that we need to be this, buy that, use this and we’ll become gorgeous or famous. It’s all a bunch of malarkey. If you don’t love who you already are, changing the surface is not going to change anything. This is something that I can tell you from experience in my own life. It took me many years to be able to learn to love myself and who I was. There are a number of reasons for that which I won’t go in to in this forum, but I can tell you it took a long time and some professional help to learn to love myself with all of my faults and weaknesses. Once I did, my weight started going down, and I could actually look at myself in the mirror with no problem. It also made me smart enough to get out of a relationship that was toxic and not right for me. It’s called empowerment of self. It gives you permission to be yourself, not some puppet that has been made up by society or your partner. You are free to be just you, if you know who you are. If you don’t, welcome to your voyage of discovery. It is an awesome journey I can tell you, as you learn who YOU really are. What do you like to do, to eat, go, watch, read, etc. Find yourself, learn to love yourself, understand that the only one that can make you truly happy is you! Once you figure that out, go and do just that, but be cautious about starting a new relationship during this time as you will more than likely end up in exactly the same kind as before. It takes time and learning to get being in the right type of relationship for you. If you are already in a relationship, go slow in your journey of self-discovery so you don’t cause upset in your relationship if you are doing well, in fact it may be a journey you may want to do together. If the relationship is toxic or abusive, get out and get help right away for your own safety and well being. Don’t try using the superficial things of the world like Botox, plastic surgery or other things to try and enhance your self image, beauty and peace come from within, not from the world and outside things. If you feel like the world has beat you up and you want to spruce up, start with the inside first, you would be amazed at what a difference it makes. There are a few other things you can do that will help. Things like drinking more water, not smoking (ages skin), not using illegal drugs, eating balanced meals, exercising, meditating, using moisturizer, using sunscreen, being positive and the list goes on, but hopefully you get the point. Here is an experiment for you to try, for one day smile at everyone you meet, no matter how you feel. Then see how you feel at the end of the day. You will more than likely feel better and you made someone else’s day better as well. If it worked so well on one day, why not try it every day, you never know what might happen because of a smile. Learn to be your own ray of sunshine, your own maker of happiness. Happiness comes from within, not from outer sources. Find happiness and joy in each day, no matter how small it may be. Whether it’s a flower you see, a puppy, sheep and sea gulls looking at each other in a field, or whatever just makes you happy, take it and wrap it around you like a warm blanket with you being snuggled on your mom’s lap. Have a good Saturday.


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