Thoughtful Thursday – The Other Type of Family Heritage

10458609_10152751050377174_1552256381551143736_nWelcome to another thoughtful Thursday. The last couple of weeks we have focused on family heritage and family heirlooms. This week we are going to talk about things we might have inherited from our parents like our eye color, hair color or texture, things like that. Growing up my mom would take me in every summer and get me a permanent. This started from the time I was about 9 until I was about 11. It would look great for about 3 days and then I would look like a frizz ball for the next 6-9 months. Never could figure out why my hair would do this. In my twenties I went in and had a more expensive perm done and wouldn’t you know it, 3 days later and bingo, frizzy hair for almost a year. My hair had always been a little wavy, but when I turned 35 my hair went curly. Turned out that because I was pre-disposed to curly hair I should never have had a permanent, ever. Who Knew? I inherited it from my dad mainly, and a little from my mom. It just waited until I was older to show up. My oldest son has always had really thick, curly hair (when he finally got hair). I wondered for the longest time where he got that hair from. About 2 years ago I pulled out a picture of my mom and dads wedding day, there my dad was with the same exact hair as my son. He inherited it from my dad. My other son inherited his dads hair. My daughter inherited more of mine and my dads hair. All of my kids have different color eyes, a combination of both parents, and personality wise they are all different as well. We each inherit unique traits from our parents and other ancestors. I have a cousin that is the only blonde, blue eyed girl in a family where all the other girls have brown hair and eyes. So part of who we become is inherited from our family, but part of it is also from the environment that we are raised in, although even that is not always true. There have been many great people that have risen above the hand they have been dealt and have become better than the circumstances they were raised in and there are others that had every opportunity and chose to waste it. We each have unique talents and abilities that we are blessed with. How to choose to use them is up to us. Some of them we are pre-disposed to from the time we are born, but whatever they are we all have talents and abilities
. I watch my granddaughter draw and paint, and am in awe at her talent. It just comes naturally for her, but I also know that it is a gift & trait that has been handed down through generations of gifted artists in our family to her. Another granddaughter has a special way with animals, just like her cousin did. That too is a very special gift. As I watch each of my children and grandchildren grow and develop I see the gifts and talents that they have and think back on which ancestors I knew or know of that they are so much like. Genetics, nurture, ancestry…who knows what makes us each unique other than we are each our own individual person. We each have our own set of genes, our own set of values and beliefs. Two totally different people can come from the same home environment. It just depends on the individual person. We get our hair color, eye color, how tall we will be and things like that from our ancestry. Who we become and how we develop our talents and abilities in this life is up to us individually. We can stand around being a “poor me” blaming everyone else for our problems or we can stand back, look at the problem and figure out a solution or several solutions to get our self out of whatever situation we are in. Be a “doer,”  not a “whiner.” Make your ancestors proud of you. Obviously they were doers at some point.


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