Thoughtful Thursday – Family Heirlooms

Grandma and kidsLast week we talked about creating Family Traditions and their importance. This week we would like to talk about the importance of family heirlooms and handing them down to the following generations. In some families it seems there is a big fight over who gets what. This is why it is very important that there is a will or a living trust. This protects the estate as well as those left when someone dies. A living trust is actually a very smart way to handle things. All of the living person’s assets are put into a living trust and when they pass on there is an executor and a committee who oversees the executor. Everything is spelled out exactly the way the assets are to be distributed. It saves a lot of fighting when the time comes. Most families have some type of heirlooms to pass down to succeeding generations, so it is important to know who is to receive them. An example is one of our employees has a set of china that her mother received from Okinawa. It was passed to her when she married, and then it passed to her daughter when she married. Her daughter has three daughters, but the tradition is that the china passes to the oldest daughter when she marries. So this is how this particular tradition started. There are other items as well that will be passed down and that have been passed down already. They mean a lot to some and not so much to others. As they grow older the items will mean more to them. We here hope that the things we sell will become cherished heirlooms to be passed down to succeeding generations. That the will be used and loved by children and grandchildren as well. Family traditions and heirlooms bind generations together and can mean everything to someone, especially if a particular loved one has been lost. Start today creating your traditions and heirlooms.


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