Thoughtful Thursday – Your Mind in Crisis

fall_aspen_by_habbrockThere are times in each of our lives when we find ourselves in crisis or what we perceive to be a crisis situation. How we deal with that situation can make a big difference in the outcome and how we come out of it. Today we are going to give you some tips on how to cope with a crisis situation or your mind’s perception of a crisis situation so that you can come out of it with just a little effort on your part.

DISTRACT YOUR WISE MIND: The idea here is to distract yourself in a way where you literally throw yourself off of the problem. You can do this by remembering the acronym:


A = Activities

Find an activity you can do all the way.

Examples: Exercise, Reading, Talking to friends, Watching TV.

C = Contribute to Others

Focus your mind on something or someone else. You’ll feel better.

Examples: Surprise someone, Write someone a letter, Do a “good deed” for you neighbor, volunteer.

C = Compare

Compare the situation you are in right now to a situation that is worse that the one that you are in right now.

Example: People who have less than you, Harder times that you have been through.

E = Emotions

Figure out a way to create a different emotion compared to the one you are feeling right now.

Example: Music, Books, Humor

P = Push Away

Shelve thoughts and come back to them when it’s a good time to think about them.

T = Thoughts

Focus on one positive thought over and over again.

Example: “This is temporary,” “I can get through this,” “This won’t kill me.”

S = Sensations

Create sensations that distract you from the situations.

Example: Notice everything about the chair you’re sitting in, take a hot/cold shower, smell some flowers or coffee.

The next way to help you in crisis is called:


Improve the situation that your are currently experiencing in your imagination:

I = Imagery

Think of your “Happy Place.” Imagine yourself getting through this crisis.

M = Meaning

Find meaning or reasons why you need to survive and tolerate this difficult experience.

P = Prayer

Prayer with words and prayer of acceptance.

R = Relaxation

Do a Total Body Scan. Start from the top of your head and work your way down to your toes, practicing deep relaxing breaths in, exhaling all tension and negativity.

O = One Crisis at a Time

Just focus on the crisis at hand. Don’t let your mind get away from you.

V – Vacation

Take a vacation from adulthood – no less than an hour, but no more than a day.

E = Encourage Yourself

“I can do this.” “I will survive.” ” I’ve been through worse before and I got through it then.”

The last thing that you can use to help yourself get through a crisis is what is known as:


Self-soothe using your five senses (touch, taste, hearing, smell and vision) when you are in crisis. Accessing  your senses re-connects you to your body, which connects you to your wise-mind and spirit. It grounds you in the here and now, and helps you make better decisions for yourself.

TOUCH: List as many objects that you could touch or feel. Examples could include fur of your pet, a rock or a  piece of soft fabric.

TASTE: What foods do you enjoy? List several of them.

HEARING: What are the sounds around you? What are some sounds that you enjoy? Some ideas could include talking birds singing, etc.

SMELL: What are some smells you enjoy? Bread baking, flowers, a newborn baby?

VISION: What are some sights that you could see to help self soothe? A postcard from a friend? a favorite place or person?

To get the answers for these, only you know them. They are different for each person. What I might enjoy tasting or touching someone else may not. Hopefully these ideas might help you next time you find yourself in a crisis to get through it a little easier.


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