Monday Spotlight – Jewelry!

July has come to a close and we are welcoming in August today. Here in Texas we closed out July with rain most of last week. It was very much needed and most welcome indeed. This week we are going to feature another part of C & S Creations. In addition to the things we make, we also sell Paparazzi Accessories. These are fun accessory items that have no nickle or lead in them, and they all retail for only $5.00 each. You are able to order them online and they will ship directly to you. Shipping is also a flat fee of $5.95. There are a few items that we are showing, but to see the entire line you will need to go to Once there you can click on shop. If you want to buy anything you will need to set up an account which will give you a sign-in for future times when you want to look. There are new items every week. We hope that you enjoy the fun accessories from Paparazzi this week and will check them out. More fun homemade items next week.


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