Creating Active Connections

We are still talking about Living Healthy. Today we are going to talk about
. Relations can drain or energize you. Some people just seem to take all of your energy, while others are really great to be around. Communicating effectively with everyone can make all the difference in your life:fountain_by_habbrock


  1. LEARN TO SAY NO:Avoid exposure to energy-draining, negative people or things. Don’t try to take on  everything–keep your obligations reasonable. It’s a lot easier to be around happy, positive people, so beware  of the “energy hog,” the one who wants everything, but isn’t willing to give in return. In addition, they are never satisfied no matter what is done for them, so steer clear as much as possible of these folks.
  2. LISTEN:Be an active listener, focusing on the speaker and asking questions to clarify your understanding. Strive to always keep your conversations positive. This would include things like not spreading or listening to gossip, don’t share your problems with the whole world, smile all the time…even if you don’t feel like it…you will be amazed at the difference it makes in your attitude, and learn to love yourself. Negative people  usually have a negative self-image and so they need to project it onto someone else in order to feel better about themselves, don’t fall victim or play their game.
  3. BE A FRIEND:Show an interest in others and ask for their input. Cultivate friendships that bring out the best in you. Avoid the ones that seek to poison or destroy your world as it is. They are a lot of times what we would call a “poor me.” In other words, the world is against me, everyone hates me, etc. These are your energy drainers and you need to have as little contact with them as possible. Be with positive friends, the ones that seek to lift you up and cheer you up…and you do the same for them.


We hope these tips help you to be a better you. Have a great Saturday.



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