Tip Tuesday – Measuring

taking your measurementsOur sewing tip today is on how to take measurements. Measuring for fit is very important.
One of our original founders made three dresses for her great-granddaughters and when they got in town, the dresses didn’t fit at all. Luckily we found other lovely young ladies to give the dresses to so they were not a total loss.

bust measurementFirst things first, you always want to do the measurements in your underclothing. They are a lot more accurate. Now to take the bust measurement place the measuring tape around your back and up under your armpits. Holding it should not be a problem because it is under your arms. Next, have someone bring the tape around the fullest part of your bust, and record the measurement. Not too hard.

waist measurementNow lets take the waist measurement. More than likely you, like the rest of us have been measuring for the waist in the wrong spot. Stand with your hands on your hips and bend to the side. This is where your ACTUAL waistline is found. Mark that spot with your finger and take the tape measure and measure around this spot. Record this measurement.
One more to go for the basics. Oh my, the dreaded hip-line. Find the fullest part of your lower tummy and hips (you might need to stand in front of a mirror for help). Use your measuring tape and then record this measurement. hip measurement

Now you have the standard measurements that are found on the back of most commercial patterns. Hopefully this will help you be able too make things fit even better when you are sewing.


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