Monday Spotlight – Blessing Outfits

Welcome, welcome to another week with us. If you happen to be in Utah today, it’s a State Holiday. Not everyone gets it off, but there have been a lot of celebrations, rodeos and other fun events going on most of the month celebrating the Mormon pioneers coming into the Salt Lake Valley. Even if you are not a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, people of all faiths from all over the state and beyond come to enjoy the festive atmosphere and of course it’s PRCA Rodeo’s, they even have floats and groups in the parade today. So wherever you are, find a reason to celebrate something today.
If you are celebrating the birth of a new baby and are looking for an outfit for a blessing, dedication or whatever ceremony you might have to welcome the new one into this life, we have some solutions for you. One of the funnest, and sometimes hardest items for us to make is our blessing/confirmation outfits. The examples you will see are not the only ones that we do. There are a number of styles and we will feature them on another Monday in the weeks coming. One of our favorite materials to use has been monece satin, which is 100% polyester and completely washable. Unfortunately the store that carries it is closing so we are not sure if we will be able to find it anymore. However, we do have other washable satins that are available, as well as soft cottons, and we can even get tricot, both solid and sheer, which makes a lovely summer weight dress. Please keep in mind that even thought the fabric may be the same, the lace may be different on your item. It all depends on what is available at the time. We try to keep it fairly standard, but laces and decorations can vary somewhat. We will also be featuring more little boy styles in the future as well. As always, please contact us for pricing. WIN_20160724_16_42_08_Pro (2)WIN_20160724_16_42_54_Pro (2)WIN_20160724_16_43_45_Pro (2)


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