Get Pumped Up

Exercise-39Get Pumped Up: Whether you’re new to fitness or an athlete, your body can become stronger, leaner and more defined. It doesn’t happen without commitment and effort, but it may be easier than you think!

  1. START RIGHT: If you have chronic pain or a medical condition, check with your doctor to see what activity is right for you.
  2. LEVERAGE BODY WEIGHT: Push-ups can be done on the floor or using a table, countertop or wall. Lunges and squats are a great way to strengthen your lower body and squats will also help strengthen your core.
  3. GO SLOW: Stay in good form! Use your muscles, not your momentum. Count going down or out and coming back up or in.
  4. USE WEIGHTS, BANDS OR TUBES: Whether you work out at home or the gym you can use a variety of equipment to achieve your strength goals.

5: EAT RIGHT: All of this will not do much good if you continue unhealthy eating habits. It’s okay to indulge on occasion, just not every day. Make sure you are getting plenty of fruits and veggies and eliminate anything¬†that says “fried.” Bake, broil, grill, steam or poach are the words you want to see and use.


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