Tip Tuesday – Prewash

BBtnCW3[1]Sewing tip Tuesday is always fun to be able to share something with you. If the fabric you are using is washable, it is always a good idea to prewash your fabric before you cut and sew it. This helps to reduce shrinkage in the garment after it is made. This is especially true with denim and anything that is 100% cotton. It also helps to get out any chemicals that might be in the fabric that can irritate the skin. If the fabric is a blend, chances of shrinkage are less likely, but it is still a good idea to wash it first. Always check the bolt in the fabric store for washing directions. You don’t want to wind up with a fabric that is “dry clean only,” unless you are specifically looking for that type of material. Have fun sewing; I know that we have lots of projects to work on.


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