Tip Tuesday – Sewing Machine

CS LogoToday for our sewing tip we want to talk about the actual sewing machine. Every machine is a bit different whether you are using a Singer, Brother, Viking, Pfaff, another type or maybe even a serger.  Sewing machines come in different types from basic to ones with all of the bells and whistles. Unless you are doing machine embroidery or quilting, most people don’t need all of the bells and whistles that come on a sewing machine or serger. We here have a Pfaff that is almost 40 years old and a fairly basic serger. The Pfaff was actually shipped from Germany. Twice a year it goes into the shop for maintenance which keeps it working like a charm. The serger is mid-range in cost and does just what we need it to do without breaking our budget. Because most patterns are multi-size these days, make sure you know where the needed measurements are on your machine for sewing. If you are using a serger the measurements are not necessary, just remember to pin from the left instead of the right. If your machine is new or new to you, be sure and read the manual so that you are aware of how to use it from threading it to caring for it. Every machine is different, but a well cared for machine can last for a long time.


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