Monday Spotlight – Cloverleaf Blankets

Another week has gone by and we have had the opportunity to celebrate the birthday of this great nation. We here at C & S Creations are mourning the loss of one of our own. A very special niece, sister, daughter, cousin and friend. She will indeed be missed by all of us.

Our feature item this week is our Cloverleaf Blankets. These are fabulous to have, especially when a baby is small. They are easy to wrap a baby in, and very easy to use in a car seat. These were used when my kids were little and with my grandchildren, nieces and nephews. After they were no longer used for a baby, the little girls wrapped their baby dolls in them. They can be made from cotton or from cotton flannel. There is no batting in them to make them bulky, but are two sided so they can have a different design on each side as you can see. Of the four pictured, the one with the dogs on it is cotton/polyester and the other three are 100% cotton flannel. These are quick and easy to make for shipping. The main thing we need to know is color and a general idea of what you want. As always, anything involving registered trademarks, professional teams, etc., it does raise the cost, as our cost is higher as well. If you are interested in ordering please contact us at


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