Taking Charge of Your Time

It’s about time. Today is a gift. How will you use it? If there’s never enough time to get your work done or enjoy the people you love, stop now to figure out where it’s going. Create a healthier more balanced life by taking charge of your time today. Here are a few time-saving ideas to get you started:

  1. PLAN:Look at your schedule a week in advance. carve out time for family, exercise, healthy meals, work and social events.
  2. EAT SMART: Plan your menus for the week. Pick a day to do all the shopping and prep for what you’ll need that week.Get-Healthy-Skin-With-Fruits-And-Vegetables
  3. STAY ACTIVE:Exercise regularly to stay in top shape. A healthy body is less prone to illness and chronic conditions – nothing eats up productivity time like being sick.
  4. STAY MINDFUL:Are you really listening or already thinking about your response? Mindfulness can help you stress less, save time, preserve relationships, and enrich your life.Benefits-of-meditation2-595x700
  5. AVOID DISTRACTIONS:Set a limit on how many times you’ll check your email and keep your phones away from the dinner table or shut them off during family time.
  6. ENJOY:Downtime isn’t wasted time – in fact it’s just the opposite. Take advantage of regular breaks to reset and refresh – it will give you more energy.exercise-fitness-basics_0

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