Tip Tuesday – Sewing Rounded Areas

CS LogoWelcome back! We hope that you had a fun, safe day celebrating the Independence of our great nation. We here at C & S Creations had a great day. I’m sure you are wondering what sewing tip we have for you today. We are going to talk about dealing with curves and rounded areas. It just so happens that quite a number of the things we make have rounded or curved areas that we have to deal with. So what is the secret to making them look nice once you turn them right side out? Take the time to clip around the curves and rounded areas. If we turn something and it looks puckered or not quite right, that is a dead giveaway that someone forgot to clip a curved or rounded area. Normally the clip should be within 1/4″ of the seam if you are using a standard 5/8″ seam. On smaller seams just clip in, but not into the seam. We hope this tip is helpful is making your items look nicer, as it can be used even on sleeves. Enjoy your Tuesday!



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