Fun in the Sun

Here comes the sun. Summer’s long, sunny days inspire us to get out, get moving, and enjoy some fresh air! Take part in some healthy outdoor activities.

  1. Hit the Pavement: Walking tones your muscles, burns calories, and strengthens bones.
  2. Hop on a Bike:  Cycling conditions your heart and lungs, and strengthens your leg muscles. Don’t forget the helmet.Swimming
  3. Go for a Swim: Whether you swim laps in a pool or play at the lake, the water’s resistance can help tone your whole body! Just don’t swim alone, no matter how experienced you are. Be safe!
  4. Go Bowling: On those really hot afternoons, gather the kids and take them bowling. It’s fun and you are all still getting a workout as you use different muscle groups to get that ball down the alley…STRIKE!Bowling
  5. Don’t Forget the Sunscreen: Not all suncreens are created equal. The best sunscreens will include zinc oxide and maybe some tit
  6. Keep Hydrated: No matter what your activity is, keep plenty of water handy so that you can keep hydrated. Caffeinated drinks and alcohol can actually make you lose water so avoid them and unless you are a super athlete, and sweating a lot, you don’t need expensive sport drinks. Plain, old, cold water will do the trick very nicely and is a lot less expensive.Drink more water


Have Fun!


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