Tip Tuesday – Fabric Selection

CS LogoTime for another sewing tip on a lovely Tuesday. What do we have in store for you today? Today we are going to talk a little bit about fabric selection for your sewing projects. It is very important that you pay attention to the pattern instructions and what they tell you about the type of fabric that should be used. If the pattern says to use “knits only,” that is what you have to use. Otherwise the garment will not be usable in any way. You do have to account for one way patterns, stripes, plaids, and if the fabric has an border on it. Any of those things will require extra fabric so that you can match lines and cut one-way. The same goes for velvet. If velvet is not cut the same direction, you will end up with a shadow where the seams meet. Another problem you may run into is fabric that stretches as you work with it. Georgette is a good example of this. It has a tendency to stretch as you cut and as you sew, so handle it delicately, cut with pinking shears and use a ball-point needle to sew. If you select a fabric that frays, be sure and cut with pinking shears and also either sew with a serger or sew a stabilizing seam before putting the garment together. Choosing the right fabric is not rocket science, it is just using common sense. Look at your pattern, think of who you are making it for, and of course look for a good sale. With the right cloth and accessories that are needed, making something can be fun and rewarding.




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