Tip Tuesday – Supplies

CS LogoThis week in our sewing tip segment we are going to talk about sewing supplies. Having the right supplies on hand can make all the difference in how your sewing project goes. You should have adequate sewing machine needles in the weight and size needed for your project. Always have extras handy in case one gets broken. Straight pins are always a necessity. Here at C & S Creations we have several kind, including what we refer to as “silk pins.” These are for sewing finer fabrics so they don’t get snagged or ruined. How many pairs of scissors do you have in your sewing room? We have a lot. Scissors are a necessary item when sewing. We like to keep a small pair around the machine just for clipping threads. In addition to the pinking shears that we talked about last week, and we have 2 pair, we also have several other types of scissors. One reason is so that if a pair needs sharpening we won’t be without scissors while we are waiting for them to come back. We also have rulers (several sizes), tape measures, pencils, bodkins (for pulling elastic through), and thread. Lovely thread which costs a fortune for a spool. The fact that we use both a serger and a regular sewing machine means that we have cone thread. Instead of buying the smaller spools of thread we have a stand to set the cone on and use it just like a regular spool of thread. We even spin our bobbins off of it, and you can never have too many bobbins. We keep our cones in a few smaller plastic totes and it works great. Yes, we do have a few regular spools of thread, but we’ve had them for a long time or bought them for a specialty item such as sewing with heavy duck cloth. Other odds and ends like spare needles, zippers, etc. are kept in a rolling cart for convenience and neatness. The other things are kept on our sewing table in an apothecary
jar for ease of use, and the bobbins are in bobbin boxes. Very neat and organized for work.


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