Monday Spotlight – Pajama Pants

WIN_20160620_18_30_03_ProWelcome to the first official day of Summer, which is also called the Summer Solstice. In some cultures and religions this is a big day of celebration. The sun has now reached it’s most Northern transit, which is the Tropic of Cancer, and will slowly start making it’s way South again. So very imperceptibly
at first the days will start getting shorter, then all of sudden you will notice it. Just thought that it would be fun to share these little tidbits with you.
This week we are featuring our pajama pants. The two pair shown are size 5 and are made from cotton knit. C & S Creations has the ability to make pajama pants in almost every size, including juniors. Pair them with a customized t-shirt that has a logo or iron-on and instant pajama set. The larger sizes are generally made out of 100% cotton flannel, but can be made out of fleece as well. Junior sizes and the children’s sizes can be made out of cotton knit, cotton, flannel or fleece. Pricing varies depending the choice of fabric and if you want any type of special character or team print. The pajama pants are quick and easy to make so they can be sent out to you quickly as well. In addition, we can make complete pajama sets and baby doll sets, as well as nightgowns. Again, we can cover pretty much all sizes, but please check with us for sizing information.

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