Make Life Better

flower_by_habbrock-d4ojkheToday we have a little something to help MAKE LIFE BETTER: Practicing kindness in your everyday life will make you feel better about yourself and others. And surprise…studies show that being kind and helping others are also good for your health! There are endless ways to show kindness to friends, family, and strangers who cross your path. Here are a few ideas:
SHARING THE JOY: Plan events designed to spread cheer–like a neighborhood barbecue, service project or charity walk.
HELPING HANDS: Tend to those in need with thoughtful gestures.
PASSING IT ON: When you receive kindness, return it by being kind to someone else down the road.
CARING WORDS: Make someones day by offering a simple greeting and a word of encouragement.
SMILING: Offer a genuine smile to people in your path.
PITCHING IN: Volunteering feels good and strengthens your sense of community.

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