Tip Tuesday -Elastic

CS LogoSewing tip Tuesday is here once again. It’s been a busy week once again. Between “Huggy Bears” and ties it’s been hard to catch my breath. We have a couple of little tips for you today. The first one is pretty basic: Anytime you are working with fabric that frays easily, always use pinking shears when cutting. They really help keep the fraying down to a minimum. In addition, we like to use an edging seam as well to help with the fraying problem, before we start to assemble the product. The easiest thing is not to buy fabric that frays, but that is not always possible. Second tip: When using elastic in your sewing, remember that first of all there are three basic types; braided, woven and non-roll. Braided is what we use the most in our products. Woven and non-roll are mainly used for lingerie. You can use the woven like the braided, but the braided seems to hold up better and longer. Second, when measuring your elastic only measure the exact amount of the area that you measured. When you sew it together overlap about 1/2 – 3-4 inch and stitch with your machine. This will hopefully make it so that it will fit right and not be too big around. Make sure your elastic isn’t twisted before you sew it together. It’s no fun to have to pick it out. Hope these tips help make sewing a little easier.


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