Tip Tuesday – Mending

CS LogoIsn’t it fun having the kids out of school? At our house we have a couple going to summer school for half a day so it’s not too bad. The biggest issue is getting them to do their chores. Do your chores, then you can do lots of other things…yeah right…lol! One of the big things I’m doing right now in addition to my regular sewing is a lot of mending. It seems like every¬†time I turn around someone has something that needs to be mended. Some can be done on the machine and some has to be done by hand. If you are mending a hem in a pleated skirt, that should be hemmed by hand or you will lose your pleats. There are some shorts that I am mending for my granddaughter. I have some patches for them that can be ironed on, but in addition to the iron, I will also be sewing them on. A hot dryer can make those “iron on” patches peel after a while, so for safety sew them as well. In addition, make sure you only use as much of the patch as you need. No point in putting on a huge patch if you only need a small one. If you are mending underwire bras, some can be mended on the machine and some have to be done by hand. Just be careful to keep the wire out of the way so you don’t break your needle. Happy mending!


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