Monday Spotlight – Pajamas!

WIN_20160606_12_07_58_ProIt’s a lovely June day today and in addition we are celebrating a birthday here at C & S Creations. It’s hard to believe that one of our grandchildren is turning 17 today. She is becoming such a lovely young lady and will be a Senior in High School next year. So this week we are going to feature our baby pajamas. This style of pajama has not only covered this young lady, but all of my grandchildren, children, nieces and nephews as well. The fun part is that they can be made from newborn up to adult sizes. The style does change slightly as they get bigger and we add slip-resistant soles starting at about the 9-month size. The smaller sizes are nice as they zip up the back making it easier to change the baby’s diaper. In the adult size they are normally made out of fleece. My niece puts them under her ski clothes when she goes snowboarding to stay warm. The ones you will see are newborn size, but they can be made in most any size. The longer zipper only goes up to 12 months and all are either 100% cotton knit or fleece.


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