Get Really Organized

While roaming around on the computer I found some great ideas to help get organized. These are for all over the house and perhaps you can use some of them. Pictures are included for your benefit.

1.      BBtuGSZ[1]Charity Clarity: Whether you are dealing with old toys, odds and ends or old clothes, clearing clutter begins with getting rid of belongings that occupy space but don’t do anything else. Using labeled bins, take stock of items to keep and organize, and those items that you want to give to your favorite charity.

2.      BBtuGT0[1]Set Up Shop: Keep a stationary pad or whiteboard on your fridge to write grocery or other items that need to be bought. Make sure it has a place to keep a writing utensil at all times. Use this to make your shopping list BEFORE you go shopping.

3.    BBtuGTb[1]  Living Out of a Suitcase: Give your closet a vacation by putting your out-of-season garments in spare suitcases. Stacked on top on the bottom of an already full closet, old and lightweight luggage not only offers hibernation to off-season wear, but gives a vintage look to a drab closet interior.

4.     BBtuUMd[1] Get Empowered: Does a tangle of electrical cords and wires have you—and your home—in knots? Stash them out of sight with this power strip pouch made from fabric scrap squares, punched with grommets. When hung from L-brackets attached to the base of the TV or computer stand, your clutter will be a stylish accent.

5.      BBtuSL5[1]Keep a Low Profile: Still Teetering on tip-toe to reach access out of reach dishware? There’s a safer way to do this. Put fine china, decorative dishes, and other less used dishware high above the cabinets, leaving low-level shelves and counters free for everyday essentials.

6.     BBtuGTg[1] Go With The Grain: If your drawers are in disarray, call for reinforcements from your breakfast buddy: cereal. Cut off the base of an empty cereal box with a box cutter, then wrap with decorative paper. Arrange the organizers in your drawer to clear clutter and bring a dose of cheer to your drawers.

7.      BBtuQ6K[1]Spiced-Up Storage: When cabinet space is at a premium, try this off the wall idea on for size. Adhere magnets to the back of pre-labeled clear-top tins with epoxy. Then, fill the tins with yummy seasonings, and stick them to the refrigerator to put your culinary and DIY talents on display.

8.      BBtuLrU[1]High-Wire Act: Binder Clips are good for more than just holding paper. They also offer an in a pinch solution to controlling unruly USB cables. Just attach each clip to a table or desk edge, thread the cord through the opening to keep it level with the surface—and ready to power your devices at a moment’s notice.

9.      BBtuUMl[1]Pot-Luck: Using a simple tweak to a cabinet door, you may never fumble again for pot and pan lids. Simply affix a few adhesive hooks to the inside of a cupboard door, then use the frugal fixtures to mount your pot lids—and put a lid on cupboard clutter.

10.  BBtuX9e[1]Key To Organization: Can’t recall where you left your keys or mail…or your mail is all over the place? This wall mounted organizer succeeds when even your memory doesn’t. The shelf come together with poplar boards and wood screws, while drawer pulls and knobs mounted to the backing keep personal effects safe and secure.

11. BBtuGTm[1] Bargain Bin Beauty: In a sea of bins, labels can mean the difference between an organized oasis and a disorderly disaster. These DIY labels can be peeled and adhered to plain plastic bins for easy and elegant identification.

12.  BBtuLrZ[1]Tall and Sweet: When it comes to storage smart kitchen organizers, this tiered stand takes the cake. Furniture legs form the pretty and practical pedestals on which the repurposed spring-form pans sit. When filled with kitchen staples, this display is sure to please neat-freaks everywhere.

13.  BBtuX9h[1]Pegged Down: From art supplies to sewing stuff, the never ending clutter in a creative workspace can make it look more akin to a construction zone. Putting a pegboard in a wooden frame on the wall is an easy and affordable way to corral loose brick-a-brack and make room for brilliant ideas.

14.  BBtuIXf[1]Hygienic Helper: When it’s time to clean in a hurry, who has time to run around hunting for cleaning supplies? By using a cleaning caddy to store all of your cleaning essentials in one place, you can easily tote around cleaners and cloths to get everything clean—twice as fast.


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