Thoughtful Thursday – The Past

sunlight_by_habbrockAs each of you know I have been talking about families. This week I’m going to talk a bit more about families and mainly about siblings. Up until the age of 11 I had two brothers and myself. We had another little brother born, but he was very tiny and only lived for 9 hours. Even today I can remember the viewing at our home and how tiny he was and how soft to touch. At the time I was only about 4 going on 5. Lucky me I was between the boys and most of the places that we lived didn’t have a lot of girls to play with, so it was go with the boys or stay home. Yeah, I went with the boys…I mean we had the whole Mojave Desert behind our house to explore. What an adventure, sidewinder tracks, red racers, blue racers, lizards, horned toads. You name it, we tried to find it to bring it home. Our mom had a lot of patience with the things we brought home, except for the tadpoles my little brother would bring home. They always got flushed down the toilet. Eventually we settled down with my grandparents in Utah and my sister came along. By then I was 11 and was expected to be “responsible” and had to help with the house, the baby, and everything else. Funny thing is, I was doing all of that before, there was just no baby yet. It was exciting to finally have a sister after waiting all of those years. Sisters were great, cousins were annoying and destroyers of all things Barbie. Eventually my older brother joined the army and went to Germany. When he turned 18 he volunteered to go to Vietnam. He came home, but after that he was never the same again. Towards the end of his life he finally started to get his life turned around. He got off the drugs, alcohol and tobacco. Unfortunately, he died from a massive heart attack before I could see him again. My younger brother and sister are both still around, but as families do at times, we’ve all drifted apart due to differences. It’s sad when families do that. I find the biggest problem with families is a lack of communication. We all want to talk, but no wants to listen. It’s hard to apologize to someone if you don’t know what you did wrong and if you ask you are told that nothing is wrong. So, I love them from afar. My love is constant and unchanging, as well as unconditional. My advice to each of you, if you can, let your siblings know that you love them. Say I’m sorry, apologize or ask for forgiveness. If you don’t know what happened, remember that it is their problem, not yours. Just love them, let it go and get on with your life. Sometimes the best thing is to just stay away because of things that have happened in the past. There is nothing wrong with that. It is important that you do what is best for you and your family. The right things will happen when it’s time. Remember to love unconditionally! Have a great week.


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