Tip Tuesday – The Joy of Pellon

195437-4-1It’s another terrific Tuesday and the last day of May. This past week I have been busy making pajama pants for my youngest grandson for his birthday. Because it is hot here in Texas where we are, I am using some cotton knits that I have on hand. It just so happens that I already have the pattern made in pellon in his size. Now I don’t know about you, but I can’t live without my measuring tape and my small metal measuring ruler.  They are my staples when I am sewing. I measured my grandson and then the pattern. It was obvious that I was going to have to use the areas noted to shorten the pattern. Never be afraid to shorten or lengthen your pattern. Even after shortening the pattern I had to cut off two inches before I hemmed the pants, and yes the hem has some grow room in it.

 If you are making something really special, make it in pellon first and try it on before you EVER cut into your cloth, especially if it is expensive cloth or has been special ordered. I can promise that it is worth the effort and save a lot of heartache. You just baste it together, try in on and if everything is the way you want it, take it off, remove the basting and start working on your special project. Have fun sewing!


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