Kitchen Chaos

© AKARAKINGDOMSHopefully with some of the tips from last week you have been able to get a little more organized overall. I don’t know about you but my kitchen is the one room that I have to have very organized. It drives me crazy to have look all over for something that I need. So here is how I like to organize my kitchen, and my kids can attest to this:

a.      Cooking utensils by the stove w/most used in a crock or similar item.

b.      Hot pads, a hand towel, aprons, etc. also near the stove.

c.       Spices and other cooking needs close to stove and mixer.

d.      Spices organized and easy to find.

e.      Pots, pans and baking dishes in bottom cabinets near the stove. Glass can go above to avoid breakage.

f.        Serving dishes near the cooking area for easy use.

g.      Plates and tableware near the eating area.

h.      Baking items organized together, including using canisters.

i.        Cleaning supplies under the sink, including a place to keep dish cloths, sponges, etc. so they won’t get smelly.

j.        Be sure and watch expiration dates on baking supplies.

It is my hope that these things will be helpful to you in organizing your kitchen.


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