Thoughtful Thursday – Family

grain_by_habbrockThe last couple of Thursdays I have been talking about families and things related to families. Remember that a family can be anything from a couple to someone with a dozen kids. Every family is different, but normally the heart of every family is the mom/woman/female and yes, sometimes it is even the dad, because there are single dads out there raising their kids. The question that I have is how often do we take the time to tell these special individuals thank-you for what they do in our lives? Do you let them know that you love them, or do you just argue with them over every little thing? The last three years of my mom’s life we lived together. Up until that time it was very difficult for us to be under the same roof, but something changed. That time became very precious to me. The last 7 months she was alive she had to be in a care center, but every night on my way home from work I was there with her. I cherish every one of those days. The last thing that I said before I left was “I love you mom.” She would tell me she loved me too and I would give her a kiss on the top of her head. Precious words that we need to be saying to our moms, and our dads now before it’s too late. Words that we as parents need to be saying to our children. Every few days my little grandson, who will be turning 5 this week, will come up to me, hug me and just say, “I love you grandma.” It just melts my heart and I tell him that I love him too. When I talk to my children on the phone, send a letter, or we have been visiting, my closing is always telling them that I love them and they to me. Don’t be afraid to let the ones you love know that they are loved and that you appreciate what they do for you. Compliment someone for a nice dinner, or clean clothes. I promise, you won’t fall over dead although you may render someone speechless for a moment. Tell them before you don’t have the opportunity to tell them in person anymore.


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