Tip Tuesday – Tailor Tacks

CS LogoIt’s time for your Tuesday sewing tip. I’ve been thinking about what I can share with you this week and my thoughts keep turning to “tailor tacks.” Tailor tacks can be very important in getting things lined up just right when making something. They can be used for lining up seams, putting in sleeves, knowing where the zipper goes and other things. When using tailor tacks make sure you use a color that you can see when working. Be very careful not to pull them out. It’s best if you have two in the spot and make sure that they are long enough so that you will be able to cut them as you will need them on both sides. When finished, don’t forget to pull them out. Tailor tacks are a big life saver and I use them a lot. Hopefully you will be able to as well.


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