Thoughtful Thursday – Forgiveness

20140915_073240Last week I spoke about family and this week I am going to continue in that same vein. My family is the most important thing in my life. There are things that I wish that I had done better as a parent, but still it does no good to beat myself up. I’ve been told that I’m stupid, no good, not worth anything and the list goes on by other people, including members of my family. One day I finally realized that they were all wrong. I’m not stupid, and I am of great worth and am a good person. Sometimes I make mistakes and wrong choices, but don’t we all. Not one of us is perfect, although there are some that believe they are.

Two of the most important things I have learned are to forgive freely and to love unconditionally. That doesn’t mean that I will let people walk all over me or that I condone the wrongs that other people do. There is still a price that has to be paid when a law is broken or a sin is committed. It does however mean that I still love that person and that whatever has happened is between them and their God, whoever it is they worship. Both of these things I had to learn, they were not taught or demonstrated. In forgiving, I have also learned to forgive myself.

In closing, I would encourage each person, each family to learn to practice forgiveness, holding on to a perceived hurt only hurts the one holding on to it. The other person has probably already moved on. In addition, work on learning unconditional love. This means that you love someone regardless of anything else. You don’t have to love what they do, their sins or things like that. You love the person only, in spite of their sins. You leave the rest up to a higher power. Let go and let God…Your God!


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