Monday Spotlight

Welcome to another Monday. This week C & S Creations is proud to introduce our “Huggy Bear” quilts. These are an exclusive design and are made so that your child (or adult) can slip their hands into the “special” mitts and hug themselves with their own personal bear…or you can do the same and hug your child. The fun part is that we can customize the colors to your child’s two favorite colors. Each quilt is made from 100% cotton flannel and has no flame retardant. The features are made from fleece, which is polyester and the batting is also 100% polyester. If you have a child that is allergic to fleece (I have a grandson that is), the quilt can be made from all flannel. We can also use warm and natural batting on request, although that will raise the price due to the additional cost associated with the price of the batting. The quilts come in three sizes: Small – which is a touch and see quilt for the little ones to create a sensory experience; Medium – which is the “Huggy Bear” quilt; and Twin – which can be actually made for a teenager or adult. The colors are limited for this one as it is made out of crushed panne’.

Now to introduce you to our ‘Huggy Bear” quilts. You will see one girl quilt and one boy quilt. For more come over to our Etsy Shop.  Enjoy!



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