Thoughtful Thursday

20140915_073240Today is thoughtful Thursday and I want to talk about family. My family means so much to me. The name of our company is actually a combination of my name and my mom’s name, even though she is gone now. We started this company together. Now I have my children and grandchildren involved. Today I decided to bake some bread and my 4-year old grandson wanted to help. At first I was a bit annoyed because he was just being a pest, but his folks didn’t want him in disturbing their movie and he really, really wanted to help. So, we found an apron for him and between the two of us we proceeded to make bread. We measured and we stirred, then we got our hands into the bread…he wasn’t too sure about that until I told him that it would get less sticky. Finally, it was time to knead the bread. He would knead it one direction and I would knead it another. This went on for ten minutes, with him asking about every minute or two how much longer we had to keep doing this because he was having fun. Then we set the dough to rise and every few minutes he would climb up on a chair and peak under the towel to see if it was ready yet and he’d call me, “grandma, come quick.” After an hour we got the pans ready and we prepared the dough for the pans and let it rise again. By now his siblings were home so he was less attentive, but I called him when I put it in the oven.

Now the bread is a little heavier than usual and it didn’t rise quite as well as it should have, but I can honestly say that it has been a long time since I’ve had that much fun making bread. We giggled and we laughed together, and I just enjoyed my grandson’s company while we made bread. The bread tastes like heaven because a little bit of heaven was baked into it today, along with a lot of love. In addition, memories were made today for him and for me. By stepping back and taking the time and patience to share that experience with my grandson it brought us closer together and created a special memory for us to share. My hope is to be able to create a special memory with each of my grandchildren. Hopefully I’ve done that with each of my children and if I haven’t I hope that I still have time to.
To each of you, family is precious. The world is telling us it is not. It doesn’t matter what your family is composed of, that is up to you. Stay close to each other. I’m forever grateful that my children are close and have such good hearts. My daughter-in-law’s are amazing and I am so blessed to have them. No family is without challenges, and ours has plenty, but you can make it if you hold on to each other. Keep the love alive, forgive and let go. Remember that holding a grudge (or not forgiving) is like drinking poison and hoping the other person will die. It only hurts you, not them. Take care until next Thursday!


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